Central Texas Fires

This is absolutely devastating and heartbreaking. I’m constantly on the brink of tears. I went outside today and it looks like there was a fog and it was about to rain; but it wasn’t. It was smoke. They’re advising people to stay inside as much as possible today to avoid smoke inhalation. Please pray for rain and for all those who suffer loss.


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A trip to the museum

Today, I took the kids to the Austin Children’s Museum. It was awesome!!! They had so many neat little toys that were educational and gave me the morning off to hang out. I liked playing with the toys as much as the kids. The only rough part was trying to keep the two together. We managed. I will say Lakyn was a little disappointed they didn’t have any giant slides but I think she sets her expectations a little high.

On to other things…

I follow this blog, barefootfoodie.com, and she is freaking hilarious. I have to say that it brings me a little bit of peace to know that I’m not the only one that has those kinds of thoughts or weird situations happen to them. Anyway, while reading her blog I found that one of her blogger friends—Anissa—has recently suffered a stroke. She’s in her twenties with 3 kids. Holy Crap. My heart just broke. Come to find out, her youngest child was diagnosed with leukemia, however is in remission so that’s wonderful news.

So I was nonetheless touched by the story. I went to her blog and found that her husband has been keeping updates on hope4peyton.org about her status. It’s truly been a miracle. She’s making progress. And though I’ve never even remotely met this woman, my heart goes out to her and her family. It makes my little annoyances seem trivial.

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