See this dog?

Sure, he looks cute and innocent but you have no idea. Zapf sheds like no other creature. It’s driving me crazy!! I am constantly sweeping and vacuuming the floors.

We use the “Furminator” on him and while it works wonders, the hair continues to come. Where is it coming from?!?

Thursday, April 8th, 2010 1 Comments | Filed in Pets

um…ok, it works.

We have been hearing amazing things about the FURminator, but were still skeptical that it was better than the generics. We have a generic brush that we thought did ok. Man, were we wrong. We bought the FURminator and immediately put it to the test. This is from just 30-40 minutes of brushing…not shaving.

Zapf was a champ enduring the brushing (It doesn’t hurt), so we went to the dog park today. He acts like a 4 year old as we get closer to the park. He starts whining and pacing back and forth in the car like we’ll never get there.

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