It’s the little things…

I’m having a pretty crummy day. It’s just been one thing right after another. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and then I saw this music video on Perez Hilton of Macy Gray’s Beauty in the World. It helped brighten my spirits. Maybe it’ll help make your day a little brighter too.

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Our new blog…

Melody asked me for a new blog, so here it is. Our family is growing fast and we want to keep all of our friends and family updated. We are blessed in that we get to spend every day together. Melody and I have a graphic design studio Form that we run from our home so we are always here.

We go on weekly play dates with the kids, usually to the playground in the mall, Chick-Fil-A or the park. We have a wonderful network of friends and of course our family. We thank each of you for playing such important roles in our lives.

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