The sleep off

Every weekend, I find myself completely exhausted. I’ve spent the whole week wrangling kids and I’m just pooped. And all I want to do is sleep in.

Apparently, my husband is also exhausted from his week of work because it never fails come Saturday and Sunday, we find ourselves in a “sleep off”.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You wake up to the sound of lively unsupervised children terrorizing the house. Yet you stay in bed, pretending to be dead asleep, anxiously awaiting for the other parent to get up out of bed and take care of the kids so you can sleep in.

Sometimes, I get lucky and the kids will run into the room yelling “Daddy! Daddy! Get up! We want donuts!”. And he’s forced at their hand to get up out of bed while I pretend to be completely lifeless so I can catch a few more zzzzzz’s. Other times, I’m not so lucky.

It really is a skill you have to work hard to master, pretending to be asleep. You can’t make any movements to suggest that you might possibly be awake or it’s all over. No sounds or you’re screwed. TJ and I have had about 5 years of practice so we’ve gotten to be pretty good at it.

Sometimes on those weekend mornings when I’ve “lost” the sleep off, I’ll look at TJ and be like “Faker. I know you’re totally awake loser”. And I’ll see a little twinge of a smile to confirm but alas, he won the battle so I give him another hour or so before I send the kids in to jump on the bed. That’s fair, right?

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It’s been a long time friend…

Holy cow! I haven’t blogged since May. I knew it’d been a while but I didn’t realized it’d been that long. Geez. Well to my defense, I’ve had many life changing events happen since then that have occupied my time and any brain activity I have.   Let’s see, where do I begin?


Oh yes, we’re preggo! Not so much we as me but I feel like I should include TJ in the mix since he did play a part in making the baby. Yes folks, the Taylor family will now be a table of five not four. I will admit this came as quite a shock to us as this was entirely unplanned but as we all know, God often has a plan of his own and we must trust it. So we waited about a month before announcing anything to our family and friends so we could wrap our minds around it. I’m still not sure I’ve got my mind around it but I’m getting excited to meet this little person. I’ve felt the baby move and it was going crazy. TJ actually got a high five. But I guess it’s on a vacation because I haven’t felt any significant movements in a few days. It’s still early. I’m 16 weeks along. I went to my new OBGYN (I’ll get to that in a minute) and I LOVE him!! Because I’ve already had 4, yes count them, UTI’s since I’ve been pregnant he’s putting me on a preventative medication. Thank you JESUS!! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. If you’re a woman whose ever had a UTI, you know how utterly miserable they are. Let alone one a month for the past four months. YIKES! Also, since Lakyn and Holden were both born early (36 weeks) and I’ve began feeling contractions, he felt it best that I start Progesterone injections once a week to stop preterm labor. Not so excited about the injections, but I do feel relief that I don’t have to worry about that business.

Lakyn and Holden are excited about the baby. I’m not sure Holden really understands but Lakyn is thrilled about being to boss around another little one. She kisses my tummy and asks about the baby and how I’m feeling each day. She is going to be such an awesome helper and little mommy.  I think that pretty much catches us up on the whole baby situation.

What’s next? We’ve MOVED!!

Everything happened crazy fast. TJ applied for some jobs in the Austin area and 2 weeks later, we live here. Insane? Yes.  We moved to Round Rock TX which is just north of Austin mid November (This is the reason for the new OBGYN). It’s been great. I have to admit I was pretty nervous but TJ and I prayed together and knew that this is what the Lord had for us. TJ works as a Designer for HomeAway, which specializes in vacation rental homes around the world. It’s pretty awesome. Let’s just say, he LOVES his job. He loves the people he works with, the creative environment, the fact that he can wear what he wants to work….everything. Which makes me happy. I will say the one thing that sucks is he has to commute each day which takes about 30 minutes each way. So that kinda blows but all the pros of the situation make up for it.

Like we have insurance. We haven’t had health insurance in over 5 years.  I feel completely legit now when at the doctors office I can throw down my insurance card. Check it. It’s real. I’m covered. Yesssssss.

So I’m gonna post a few pictures of the new house. It’s beautiful. Our landlords are fabulous. I will admit though that I only took pictures of the clean rooms to post. The bedrooms pics will just have to wait…





I’ll post one of the front of the house later. It’s kinda rainy and I don’t want to put my shoes on! Well I have about a million other things to write about like how I get to stay home with the kiddos and how that’s working out and adjusting to life in a new place, but the children and very quiet and that concerns me. So I guess I better go see what’s destroyed.

Until next time… (which really will be soon because honestly I need a hobby to occupy my time)

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Mother’s Day…

I believe that moms are never given enough credit or recognition. It seems that no matter how hard I work or how many hours I put in, I don’t even begin to touch what Melody can handle. She wakes up, feeds our kids, teaches them about shapes, colors, numbers and animals. She plays with them, feeds them lunch, puts them down for a nap and then begins her work with me. The kids wake up and she tends to them, playing games and handing out snacks. She cooks dinner, cleans the kitchen and then puts them to bed after story time. She has been thrown up on, bitten, peed on, slapped and has never given up. She is an incredible mother and causes me to strive to be a better person each and every day. She doesn’t gripe or demand attention or throw fits or cry when she doesn’t get her way. She does all of this in one single day and then gets up and does it again with the same smile and passion as the day before. This is what mothers do. I want to say thank you to my wife for being this kind of mother to our kids, and to my mom for being this kind of mother to me. I am forever blessed that you are in my life. I love you both., happy mother’s day.

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I love my wife…

Melody and I attended a marriage retreat this past weekend. What an amazing time. I am blessed that I get to work with my wife (at home) and we spend every day with our family. We are still growing though. If you ask us, we have nothing figured out.

At first, I was hesitant about going on the retreat. Our family dynamic and the connection between Melody and I is really great right now, so I though why do we need a retreat? Well, we went and I was blown away. The beauty of my wife was amplified in my heart. Not just her physical beauty, but the beauty of who she is. The way she cares for our children, maintains our home and her passion for me to succeed. She is my biggest support and I am her biggest fan. She is strong and patient, kind and generous. Thank you Melody, for being my wife and my friend.

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