Home Sweet Home…

Our houseSo as many of you know, we had our house listed on the market. We’ve had some “difficulties” and were pretty sure that we needed to sell it. We had it on the market for over 60 days (that’s with a realtor, we had about 3 weeks for sale by owner) and had over 20 showing but no offer. Not a single one. We had several people that were interested and liked our house but no one put a contract on it.

So our realtor called last week to check to see if we needed anything. Since we hadn’t had a showing in over 2 weeks, he mentioned that we might need to talk about reducing our price…again. As TJ and I began to discuss this it just didn’t feel right. And then TJ said something that amazed me…”maybe we’re supposed to stay here…”. This was something that had crossed my mind also but I’d pushed it aside, calling myself crazy, and believing it wasn’t possible. So TJ and I began to talk about this possibility and I was completely amazed at the way the Holy Spirit works. We had both had these thoughts that the reason our house wasn’t selling was because it was meant to be our home. So…we took it off the market.

I’m not sure what lies ahead for us but I have peace about it. I know that God is faithful and will provide the way. We just need to be good stewards with it. I’m filled with a mixture of emotions: anxiety, excitement, peace, worries, anticipation. But mostly, I’m excited to testify of God’s awesomeness and his love for our family.

Keep us in your prayers!

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So…basically I love iCarly. It’s this cute show that comes on Nick. Lakyn and Holden both love the show. We also love Drake and Josh but they don’t make new episodes anymore. It’s just nice to be able to watch a show together as a family (TJ also loves it. shhh) and not have to worry about the appropriateness of the content.

One of my FAVORITE things about the show is these quirky shirts they wear. They have funny sayings on them and they have a penny sewn on the sleeve. I desperately want one. They sell them at nickjr.com, i think. Maybe for Mother’s day?

Well that’s all for now. I love iCarly. The end.

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Interesting Day…

snailSo, I pretty much felt like a snail today. I was slow to do everything and I didn’t really want to do anything. It was just one of those days. But then again, it seems like it’s been one of those weeks. I have endless amounts of laundry to do, but that never changes.

Today was just a funk. I was down in the dumps amount numerous things today, things I don’t understand. For instance, my husband works so incredibly hard. He puts in tremendously long days and rarely takes breaks. His phone is constantly ringing or beeping or he’s sending or receiving emails. I appreciate him so much for his diligence. But I’m frustrated. I see him working so hard yet we seem to struggle to make ends meet. It just doesn’t seem fair sometimes.

I’ve been a little depressed about our house situation. We’ve been on the market now for over 60 days, had over 20 showings but no offers. Not one. I really had high hopes that we would be one of those stories you hear about where they put the sign in the yard and it’s sold in an hour kind of thing. But no luck. I have to keep reminding myself that the Lord has perfect timing and it’ll happen when it’s right. But we haven’t had any showings in 2 weeks. AAAHHHH!

My kids were kinda crazy today. Maybe it wasn’t so much them as it was me being in my “funk”. They just seemed to be exceptionally difficult today with screaming, hitting, tantrums, unwillingness to share, ect.  Needless to say, I really looked forward to nap time today.

With all that being said and all my “ranting” out of my system, I really do have so much to be grateful for. I am thankful that I have such an amazing husband that loves me on days like to day when I’m not really lovable. I am thankful that I have a husband who is such a hard worker and continues to give his best even when we don’t see the fruit of his labor.

lakyn helps make dessertI am thankful that I have a roof over my head tonight. I am thankful that I have a warm bed to sleep in with the comforts of cooling and heating. I am thankful that I was able to have a good dinner tonight and Lakyn helped make dessert. I am thankful for my children. I love my children. Sometimes, I forget to take a minute to stop and soak in their joy and innocence. Sometimes, I forget that they are so small. I love their laughter. I love that my children are each other’s best friends (which sometimes means fighting). I love that Lakyn begs me to please wait to wash the dishes (our dishwasher is currently broken, so we’re doing it the old fashioned way) until the morning so she can help me. I love Lakyn’s sweet spirit to nuture. I love Holden and his sweet hugs and the way he runs to me and says “Mommy” as he holds his hands up to be held. I love that when I play the guitar my children want to sing along. This can be annoying at times, but in truth I really love it. So at the end of the day, I’m thankful. I feel blessed. Very Blessed.

lakyn in daddy's shirtholdenfriends

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um…ok, it works.

We have been hearing amazing things about the FURminator, but were still skeptical that it was better than the generics. We have a generic brush that we thought did ok. Man, were we wrong. We bought the FURminator and immediately put it to the test. This is from just 30-40 minutes of brushing…not shaving.

Zapf was a champ enduring the brushing (It doesn’t hurt), so we went to the dog park today. He acts like a 4 year old as we get closer to the park. He starts whining and pacing back and forth in the car like we’ll never get there.

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Our new blog…

Melody asked me for a new blog, so here it is. Our family is growing fast and we want to keep all of our friends and family updated. We are blessed in that we get to spend every day together. Melody and I have a graphic design studio Form that we run from our home so we are always here.

We go on weekly play dates with the kids, usually to the playground in the mall, Chick-Fil-A or the park. We have a wonderful network of friends and of course our family. We thank each of you for playing such important roles in our lives.

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