I have my password!!

I love my husband dearly and he does so much for me but one of the those little things that annoy the fire out of me is his use of passwords. Rather than having a consistent “uncrackable” password, he is always changing it. Which wouldn’t be a problem except he can never remember what password he’s used and is always having to request a password change and well, you get the idea.

So my darling and talented husband did a site re-design for me but in the process changed the password and then proceeded to forget it. Yes, I know it’s not really a big deal but due to his busy schedule, I just got my password reset and am able to post again.

Now, I can’t blame ALL my delinquency on my husband. This pregnancy has had a LITTLE to do with my inability to post. So for the sake of time and to relieve you of reading a novel of a post, I’m going to bullet point the main events that have happened since my last post.

- My sweet little bubby boy turned 3! I can’t hardly believe it. I have every intention of writing him a letter to post but as you’ll see I had other events that kept me from doing so. The guilt is crummy.

- If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I’ve had a bit of trouble with infections with this pregnancy. Well I started having intense pain that lasted for over a week. My urologist did a repeat renal sonogram and found that I had hydronephrosis of both kidneys (which basically means my kidney’s were swollen and not draining properly) and my left kidney (the side I was having all the pain) had debris.

- I had emergency surgery to have a stent placed from my left kidney to my bladder on Feb 12 to help my kidney drain. It was pretty scary. They put me completely under and when I woke up I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes and they were concerned they were going to have to transfer me to labor and delivery. I was only 26 weeks pregnant at the time. But the contractions calmed down and I was able to go home, only to return a couple days later to be re-admited to the hospital for a couple of days of IV antibiotics to combat a nasty infection.

- My sweet mother-in-law came to stay for a week while all this happened and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. She was a godsend. Not only did she help to watch the kids, but she completely cleaned my house and did all my laundry. And trust me, that was not easy. The appreciation I have for TJ’s family reached a whole new level through this process.

- I’ve had yet another infection since my stent was placed. This brings the total count to 11!

- I have been a Craigslist fool! I have gotten so many amazing deals for our baby off craigslist and I feel very thrifty. I got a stroller/carseat combo for $40. I got a bassinet for $10. I got 23 Avent bottles, bottle warmer, and bottler sterilizer for $50. Heck Yes!!!

- TJ found a drop-in daycare in our neighborhood called KidSpace. I’ve used it for the kids a few times and it is AWESOME! Not only are they open late (12:30 on the weekends) so that TJ and I can go on a date for once, but it comes in handy with all these doctors appointments I’ve been having to go to, or if I just need a break.

- I took Lakyn to register for kindergarten. She is more than thrilled and excited about starting school. I, on the other hand, have mixed feelings. I’m excited for her to learn, make new friends, and flourish as I know she will. But it’s a little scary throwing your child into “the real world” where she’s no longer shielded by my filter.

Well, I think that about wraps it up for now although I’m sure I left something out.


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