Hey. So you know how you have those best friends that you can go months, maybe even years, without talking to and when you do finally speak with them, it’s as though you talked with them just yesterday? Let’s pretend this blog is one of those dear friends.

I’m sorry I haven’t updated anything in a gazillion years a while. ┬áLet’s just say that giving birth to Boston, a golf ball of a kidney stone being found requiring extensive surgery and recovery, adjustment to a life of five, and homeschooling have all kept me pretty occupied. Therefore, the blog hasn’t really been on the forefront of my mind.

It appears that things have finally settled, for the moment, and I can blog again! Hurray! But I don’t really want to write a huge, long, extensive post explaining all that’s been happening in my life since I last posted. So let’s just pretend we’re BFF’s, just talked yesterday, and pick up with the present. Are you excited? I am! I have so many things to talk about and share, but mothering calls now so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Or quiet time. Either way, it’ll be soon.

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