I’ve been a little out of commission these past few days. We celebrated Lakyn’s 5th birthday, went to the Parade of Lights at Zilker Park, and various other things that have kept me busy.

Lakyn had a wonderful birthday. I had a sense of guilt because every year she’s always had a big extravagant party with tons of friends and family but since we’ve recently moved away from said friends and family, she had a small birthday this year with us and her two cousins that live here. She kept asking when her “party” was. But all in all, I really think she had a wonderful time. We went to Jungle Java which is her new favorite place. She asks to go there everyday. We had lunch with daddy downtown and I took her to Walmart and let her pick out all the stuff for her birthday cake which she helped bake and decorate. It was a great day.

Then we went to the Parade of Lights at Zilker Park and it was amazing! It was like going to the fair but with Christmas lights galore. They even had funnel cake. Yum! The kids really enjoyed themselves and I felt like a kid while we were there. I think it’s good to let your inner child that’s filled with imagination surface every once in a while. It’s good for the soul.

Several things happened this weekend that made me really appreciate being a mother but also value motherhood in general. I know that I never truly understood my mother until I had children of my own. Since that time, I have such a great respect for her.

While we were at Jungle Java, a little girl fell on one of the slides. Fell hard. Like the entire place heard the thud followed by the cry of the hurt girl. I found it absolutely fascinating that simply from the sound of the cry, the mother instantly knew that it was her little girl who was hurt. I think to most, crying just sounds like crying. But to mothers, each child has a distinct cry that makes them recognizable. The mother immediately rushed over, picked up her little girl and began to caress and comfort her and I was in complete awe of this beautiful, raw moment. She possessed the correct touch and soothing voice to comfort her child instantly. It was pretty impressive.

Then I read a blog,, and was amazed again. She talked about how they were really hard on money right now and how she had gotten a disconnect notice from the water company and she hadn’t eaten all day as to “preserve” the food for the kids since they were out of school for the holidays.

I could totally relate to her situation. Lord knows we’ve had our share of financial difficulty and my heart went out to her because I know exactly how she’s feeling. And I thought about how remarkable it was that she would deny herself nourishment to save it for her children. Completely selfless.

These things just got me thinking about how truly honoring it is to be a mother and sometimes we don’t even know it. Sometimes, actually more often never, are we acknowledged for it. It’s just what we do. We beat up on ourselves and wonder if we’re really doing whats right by our kids but I think it’s the little things that matter. It’s us recognizing our child’s cry in a room full of 100 children. It’s the little sacrifices we make so that our kids can have the absolute best we can offer.

Watching and reading about these mothers this weekend just made me proud to call myself a mommy and put myself in the same “boat” as these amazing women. They are inspirational. They are mothers.

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