Boy or Girl???

I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to know what we were having this go around. TJ knew he wanted to find out. I think I always knew I did too. People say “There are too few surprises left in the world. It’s best to wait” but it’s still just as much a surprise today. Plus, I like to plan so we went to the doctor today to find out what we were going to have. Oh and make sure the baby was healthy and had 10 fingers and toes, no cleft lip, four-chambered heart, etc.  (The baby is totally healthy!)

The kids came with us and they were so excited. They looked up at the big TV and watched their little sibling squirm. It was really cute to watch them. All this time, I’ve had it in my mind that it’s a girl. I’ve envisioned little dresses and bows. But then at the office when I saw the baby on the screen, I immediately referred to the baby as a boy. And the tech asked me if I thought it was a boy because I kept saying “Oh look at his little feet” and “Look at his cute chubby cheeks”.

And then before I knew it, there it was. His little manhood staring me in the face. The tech said “Oh there’s no doubt about it. He’s ALL boy. I’m 100% sure”. My heart melted. Just to know that a sweet little boy would be joining our family gave me such joy.


So there you have it folks. The girls in the Taylor house are going to be outnumbered and we couldn’t be happier. Lakyn is trilled to be the only “princess” and Holden is excited to have a brother. TJ, of course, is over the moon.

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