Well, I went to the OBGYN on Thursday last week and I am dilated to 1. Whoo Hoo!!!

Maybe all this pregnancy madness will end soon. I sure hope so. This is what happened with my other two kiddos. I started to dilate at 34 weeks and then they were born at 36 weeks. Hopefully, the third child will follow suit. I’ve been having some yucky contractions, some where I can’t talk, but nothing regular or consistent yet. We’ll see…

The energy burst that I had pretty much went out the window. I finished up yet another round of antibiotics and was feeling pretty great for a couple of days only to return to feeling yucky  and having no energy. I see my urologist this week (Thursday) and I’m pretty sure the infection is back. They’re pretty confident at this point that I do, in fact, have a kidney stone stuck and it will have to be taken care of after the baby is born. I’m not sure exactly how soon after the baby is born, I’m going to ask at my appointment. Either way, I’m anxious to just feel “normal” again.

I’m also a little anxious about having 3 (THREE!) little ones. It’s always a little scary when you add another member to your family. My mind is constantly racing with different scenarios and what our life will look like being a family of 5. I know that it’ll all be okay. I just hope that I can divide myself into enough parts that everyone can feel just how much I love them – TJ, Lakyn, Holden, and our new addition – and still manage to maintain a part of myself.  It might take a little practice but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

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