Home Sweet Home…

Our houseSo as many of you know, we had our house listed on the market. We’ve had some “difficulties” and were pretty sure that we needed to sell it.¬†We had it on the market for over 60 days (that’s with a realtor, we had about 3 weeks for sale by owner) and had over 20 showing but no offer. Not a single one. We had several people that were interested and liked our house but no one put a contract on it.

So our realtor called last week to check to see if we needed anything. Since we hadn’t had a showing in over 2 weeks, he mentioned that we might need to talk about reducing our price…again. As TJ and I began to discuss this it just didn’t feel right. And then TJ said something that amazed me…”maybe we’re supposed to stay here…”. This was something that had crossed my mind also but I’d pushed it aside, calling myself crazy, and believing it wasn’t possible. So TJ and I began to talk about this possibility and I was completely amazed at the way the Holy Spirit works. We had both had these thoughts that the reason our house wasn’t selling was because it was meant to be our home. So…we took it off the market.

I’m not sure what lies ahead for us but I have peace about it. I know that God is faithful and will provide the way. We just need to be good stewards with it. I’m filled with a mixture of emotions: anxiety, excitement, peace, worries, anticipation. But mostly, I’m excited to testify of God’s awesomeness and his love for our family.

Keep us in your prayers!

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  1. Steph says:
    April 29, 2009 @ 12:41 pm

    I’m thrilled that you guys have made this decision! I love your home and can’t imagine anyone else living there! The Lord WILL provide!

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