Mother’s Day…

I believe that moms are never given enough credit or recognition. It seems that no matter how hard I work or how many hours I put in, I don’t even begin to touch what Melody can handle. She wakes up, feeds our kids, teaches them about shapes, colors, numbers and animals. She plays with them, feeds them lunch, puts them down for a nap and then begins her work with me. The kids wake up and she tends to them, playing games and handing out snacks. She cooks dinner, cleans the kitchen and then puts them to bed after story time. She has been thrown up on, bitten, peed on, slapped and has never given up. She is an incredible mother and causes me to strive to be a better person each and every day. She doesn’t gripe or demand attention or throw fits or cry when she doesn’t get her way. She does all of this in one single day and then gets up and does it again with the same smile and passion as the day before. This is what mothers do. I want to say thank you to my wife for being this kind of mother to our kids, and to my mom for being this kind of mother to me. I am forever blessed that you are in my life. I love you both., happy mother’s day.

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